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Our Team

Tanveer Alam

Chairman Alam Group.

B. Comm, ACA, MBA

My Story

I left Oracle as Senior Tax Compliance Manager, prior to Oracle, worked nine year in Hewlett-Packard Financial Services in Direct tax department

In 2016, set up my own Accountancy, Tax Consultancy, Book keeping, Business Consultancy practice “Tanveer Alam & Co, Chartered Accountants in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland

Have worked in Public Practice, Human & financial Aid Agencies, Manufacturing, Educational Institutions, Financial Services & pure IT company.

Mostly worked in Accounting, Budgeting, Auditing & presently handling EMEA Corporation Tax
Have experience for Asia & European market.

Specialties: Mostly Managerial & Supervisory Experience.


Blanchardstown Dublin 15, Republic of Ireland

Tanveer Alam & Co is an independent firm of Chartered Accountants based in Dublin 15, Republic of Ireland offering accounts, taxation and business advisory and support services to a wide range of businesses and individuals.

Our client base is located throughout the Ireland, UK, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia & UAE and is comprised of small owner managed businesses, self-employed consultants and private individuals looking for an efficient service they can rely on coupled with sound business and tax advice.

Our philosophy is always to do our utmost to…

  • Provide friendly, courteous and efficient service
  • Always exceed your expectations
  • Listen to what YOU are saying
  • Communicate with you quickly and fully
  • Aim for you to pay the least amount of tax payable
  • Provide pro-active business advice wherever possible

Responsible for direct tax compliance in UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Nordic & few Eastern European countries.

Dealing with Ireland, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, South Africa, Netherlands & Nordic countries.

Leixlip, Ireland

Job Responsibilities:

Taxation: Responsible for overall all tax matters relating to HPFS EMEA region, which include;

  • Compliance: Dealing with corporate tax advisors in various countries for tax advice, deadline, tax calculation, compliance & submission of returns etc.,
  • Tax Audit: dealing/meeting with the tax authorities, local advisors (if needed), Controllership to take defend the case & prepare and provide details needed.
  • Legal Structure Team (LST): dealing with LST for incorporation & planning of new entities including active member of entity compression team in case entities need to be liquidated, merged or transfer

Other responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with Headquarters in USA for various tax planning issues including cash extraction & management
  • Accounts payable for payment of direct, indirect, preliminary, quarterly, bi annual & annual taxes plus suppliers’ invoices
  • Deal with other departments & countries while creating transfer pricing studies
  • Preparation, Coordination & submission of Irish resident companies’ taxation returns
  • Monitoring monthly, quarterly & annual taxation provisions & fee accruals
  • With other functions for worldwide tax planning initiatives to ensure a global ETR & Legal structure
  • Outside tax advisors to ensure that HPFS operations in the region comply with local tax law.
  • HP EMEA Tax director based in Netherlands & WW Tax Director based in USA on transfer pricing associated with the EMEA region, including monitoring adherence to tax rulings, compliance with documentation requirements, review of intercompany agreements, Sub Part F and review of statutory financial

Audit & Accounts

Individual Farmer & Pub

  • Eamonn & Mary Barron

Pensions Funds

  • DD Williamson (UK) Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme
  • IDG AVC Scheme
  • Irish Fertilizers Industries Executive Pension Scheme
  • IDL Executive DC Scheme

Non Resident Companies

  • Lucan Green Home (French Company)
  • Comrie Plc (French Company)
  • LMK Detail Limited (UK Company)

Audit Planning

  • GAA-Pairc an Crocaigh Teorants (Crooke Park)

Government Grant Utilisation Review

  • Mortway Limited

Special projects:

  • Irish Council of Trade Unions (ICTU) – Computerization of accounting record on Sage, Auditing & various other management consultancies
  • Health Services Executive (HSE) – 2005 being the first year of operations after combining various health boards into one HSE, I was responsible for the preparation of Templates for consolidation purposes, which was completed & implemented in a record period of four months. (Annual Budget of €12 Billion)

James Jennings & Company is one of the Leading accountancy practice in west of Ireland (Two Partners Practice).

Responsibilities: Pre Partner review of audit files & initial wrap-up meeting with client

Assignments for which I was responsible includes client operating in

  • Manufacturing (Flanco Engineering Ltd)
  • Multinational computer hardware trading (Asbis Ltd),
  • Construction (Knocknlyre Ltd),
  • Exploration (Mortimer Quarries Ltd)
  • Leading radio station of Mayo (Mid West Radio)
  • Kitchens & Interior Decorations (Rockholts Ltd)
  • Industrial & Domestic waste Management (McGrath Industrial Waste Limited)
  • Various Sole Proprietors & Partnerships (Solicitors & Architects)

Turnover of clients I was responsible for between €7 million to €23 million

Assignments for which I was responsible includes client operating in:

  • Waste Management & Spare parts trading (Rosbeg Group of Companies )
  • Property Management (Wyse Property Management),
  • Hardware & Cloth Stores (Quinns Group),
  • Chain of Restaurants (Don Group)
  • Charitable Organization (Shanti Educational Trust)
    Various Sole Proprietors & Partnerships (Solicitors & Architects)

Assignments for which I was responsible includes client operating in:

  • Waste Management & Spare parts trading (Rosbeg Group of Companies )
  • Property Management (Wyse Property Management),
  • Hardware & Cloth Stores (Quinns Group),
  • Chain of Restaurants (Don Group)
  • Charitable Organization (Shanti Educational Trust)
    Various Sole Proprietors & Partnerships (Solicitors & Architects)


  • Maintenance of books of Accounts
  • Preparation and Submission of all Monthly, Quarterly, half yearly and Annual Accounts


  • Preparation and Submission of Business Plan and Rolling Estimates
  • Monitoring of Monthly and Quarterly Actual Vs Budget variances
  • Manufacturing Accounting
  • Preparation of Annual Production and Cost of Sales (COS) Budget
  • Ensuring adequate controls exist around the Inventory management system
  • All accounting entries related to COS and Inventory
  • Preparation of Monthly Actual Vs Budgets variance schedules for COS and Production


  • Ensure that adequate cash is available at all times and Cash forecasting and Management.

Capital & Risk Management

  • Ensuring that all Company, Legal and other requirement are fulfilled in purchasing, selling and write-off of Capital Assets

AED is CONTRACTOR for Human Resource Development of United States Agency for International Development (USAID), for Pakistan.

Started as trainee student & worked in Audit and Tax department for two years mostly as Job In-charge until finally promoted to Assistant head of Consultancy, new Department started by internal team.

During my tenure with KPMG I was given various assignments in various capacities including that of Audit-in-Charge and was directly responsible to the Manager/Partner-in-Charge for the execution and finalization of job.

My assignment included client operating in Manufacturing, Trading, Construction, Government Sponsored Corporations, and Welfare organizations, Commercial Banks, Hotels, Travel Agent and Insurance.


Chartered Tax Consultants, Taxation
2010 – 2010

Activities and Societies: Starting this qualification in January 2011 with 1st batch

Attended Part II of the qualification in 2010

ACA, Financial & Management Accounting, Finance, Auditing & taxation
2001 – 2005


MBA, Finance & Management
1999 – 2000

Masters in Business Administration (Major in Finance and Minor in General Management) from St. George University, Tokushima-City, Japan (GPA 3.8) affiliated with St. George University International, First Floor, Victory House, 99-101, Regent Street, London, W1R7HB, England

B.Comm, Accounting and Finance
1982 – 1985

Activities and Societies: GOLFING, CYCLING, STUDENT UNION
Economics, banking, accountancy, Cost & management accounting, business organization & human resource

F.Sc, Economics, Stats & Psychology
1979 – 1981

Activities and Societies: GOLFING, CYCLING & STUDENT UNION
Economics, statistics & psychology

Licences & Certifications

Issuing authority: Chartered Accountants Ireland
Issued: Feb 2007 – No Expiration Date
Credential ID: 01A0876

Issuing authority: Irish Revenue
Issued: Jun 2005 – No Expiration Date
Credential ID: 71180F

Issuing authority: Central Board of Revenue, Pakistan
Issued: Mar 1985 – No Expiration Date
Credential ID: 1187A